We are now listing events on FetLife, check out our discussion group which will include messages with links to event information such as our monthly munches and anything else of note. Here is information about our events in general:


Monthly Munch

First Tuesday of Each Month, every month, with the very ocassional January munch being skipped if it falls on 1st or 2nd Jan. The current venue is Scotty and Mal's Cocktail and Lounge Bar, a.k.a. S&Ms Bar, 176 Cuba Street. We meet in the downstairs area - there are stairs near the street frontage, just a couple of meters to your left as you enter from the street.


We aren't hard to find there - look for a diverse group of people. Sometimes we have blue and/or black balloons on one of our tables.


All are welcome to attend subject to the 18+ rule. Dress code is everyday street wear, as it is an informal meeting at a public venue. As such there should be no open display of BDSM activity so no obvious attention is drawn to ourselves.

Discussion Nights

Discussion nights currently on hold. Attendance: Open to those who have attended at least one TES munch. Cost: Was usually $5 per head. Location: Exact location is not published here; come to a munch or drop us an email identifying yourself and we'll provide the details.

Play Parties

TBA: There are no specific plans for when TES will have a party. Timings and cost would be announced when and if the next party is confirmed. However there is a local series of parties under the name of "Wicked Fetish". Sometimes other parties and events occur that involve TES people, such as the yearly Fetish Ball. Email us with any enquries.