TES Protocols and Ettiquete - People, Substances, and Clothes


By Hosts we mean TES committee members and other established TES folk who will be happy to answer questions and talk about any concerns you might have, and tend to keep an eye on proceedings in case of a very rare problem with safety or suchlike. If you are unsure about who the committee and senior members are, just ask around. This is a good idea at your first play party in particular. Should you have any problems, general questions, or issues with someone or something happening, talk first to one of the Hosts before potentially getting involved in something yourself. Sometimes things might be as they seem and a host will be able to provide advice, and in the unlikely event take action.



No one who is not your own personal play partner(s) owes deference to you beyond common, everyday courtesy. Addressing people as Sir or Mistress, just because the person is or appears to be a Dom/me, is not at all required. Likewise for boy, girl, or slave, etc to someone who might appear to be a bottom/submissive.


The venue is strictly non-smoking. Smokers are able to use the downstairs area, near the exit.


No Drugs are to be used at TES Play Parties. Anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave the party immediately, and will be barred from future TES events.


Alcohol is permitted at TES Play Parties, in moderation. Intoxicated people will not be permitted to play.

Clothing standards

The TES Play Party dress code is:

* Fetish (rubber, leather, PVC, etc.)
* Black (jeans, trousers, dresses, T-shirts, etc.)

If wearing Fetish Dress, please cover with a coat, or other street clothing, when outside of the venue (on arrival, departure, etc.)