TES Protocols - Scene Ettiquette

Safe words

The TES Play Party safeword is the word SAFEWORD itself. If it is used at anytime, play between the people involved should cease. If the need seems to be, ask if you can lend assistance. Otherwise remain not involved unless the safeword is not being honoured, in which case anyone is allowed to intervene. Individual scenes may or may not have safe words, depending on how the players involved have negotiated and agreed before hand. However the TES party safeword ALWAYS overrides any scene agreement.

Play Areas

Please leave play areas clean and uncluttered. If your play has left sweat or suchlike behind, wipe it up preferably with disinfectant - it's over to you to bring what might be necessary depending on the sort of play you do. Don't leave your personal toys lying about when you have finished a scene, this can lead to confusion if someone else is wanting to use the play area after you. You are responsible for your own equipment at all times.

Observing a scene

When observing a scene, please do not interfere or attempt to join in, unless invited to by the Top/Dominant. Be respectful to those who are playing and give them their space. Often a lot of noise is not welcome during an intense scene.

Blood Play

Do not attempt any form of blood play without the appropriate safety precautions and sharps containers. Please discuss with a Host prior to starting the scene if in any doubt. Also please be mindful of where in the hall you do the scene, as playing with such things and blades and needles isn’t something that everyone is comfortable with seeing at close quarters.

Wax and Fire Play

Do not attempt wax or (especially) fire play without the appropriate safety precautions. Please discuss your scene with a Host prior to starting the scene if in any doubt as to what is needed, and choose the play area appropriately.

Water Play (aka Watersports)

Our party venues do not have the space or facilities to enable this form of play. Therefore, watersports are not permitted at TES Play Parties.